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Pakoras | Onion Fritters | Crispy Bhaji Recipe

Pakoras are a very popular snack across the Indian sub-continent and around the world. Though it has lots of different names such as pakoras, fritters, vegetable pakora, bhaji, bahjiya, and many more. The options are endless for making this dish, you can use just about any vegetable you have on hand. However, here in this […]

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Chili Soya Nuggets | Soybean Chili | Soya Chili Nuggets

Soya nuggets are a rich source of protein and are considered meat analog for vegetarians. Chili Soya Nugget is my attempt to reach out to my vegetarian followers and present something different from our regular daily cuisines. It is very easy to make and does not take much time. I hope you will like this […]

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Puri Recipe for Panipuri

Panipuri or Golgappa is common and everyone’s favorite street snacks in India. Almost every part of India you will find this snack with different names, like; Golgappa, Ghupchup, Panipuri, and more. Panipuri is a Hindi name, Pani means ‘water’ and puri is a round hollow puffed crisped dough ball, which is made with semolina and […]