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Chhole | Chickpea Masala Recipe

Chhole (Chana Masala) is delicious curry from Punjab cuisine. It is also very popular in all over India and worldwide. This delicious and tempting curry is prepared from white chickpeas, also called in kabuli chana. The main Ingredients for this recipe is tomatoes, onion, ginger, garlic, and the basic Indian spices. Chhole is best enjoyed […]

Curry, Dinner recipes, Healthy recipes, Lunch Recipe, vegetarian recipes

Dal Makhani | How to Make Dal Makhani

Dal Makhani is rich in protein, lentil-based stew, which is a known dish from northern India, especially from Panjabi cuisine. The primary ingredients for this recipe are whole black lentil (whole urad dal), red kidney beans (rajma), butter, and cream. Dal makhani traditionally takes quite a long time to make, starting with soaking the lentils […]

Dinner recipes, Gluten-free, Healthy recipes, Lunch Recipe, Plant-Based, Salad, Vegan, vegetarian recipes

Chickpea Salad with Beetroot Rice

Chickpeas salad is super easy to make and one of my favorite salad. I make this salad quite often but always try different variations depending on my cravings at the moment. For this salad, I have used of course chickpeas and chopped tomatoes, carrot, onion, and freshly cilantro leaves. Making this salad is so effortless. […]

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Chicken Saag With Quinoa | Saag Chicken Recipe

If you are looking to eat something healthy without getting bored, then this dish is for you. Chicken Saag is super healthy, tasty, and satisfying dish that can be served in either lunch or dinner. This dish requires minimal ingredients and less effort. The main ingredients of this dish are saag, chicken, and garlic. Personally, […]