Author: Madhu Kumari

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Falafel | How to make Falafel at Home

Falafel is a vegan and a gluten-free dish, which is a popular Middle Eastern and Mediterranean fast food, that is enjoyed as street food and often served up as part of a group of small meals. Traditionally, Falafel is made from the ground overnight socked chickpeas (Kabuli chana), herbs, and spices. The mixture is then […]

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Chilli Tofu | How to make Chili Tofu | Tofu Recipe

Chili Tofu is a vegan, gluten-free dish, which is packed with lots of protein and veggies. I have prepared this recipe based on an Indo-Chinese recipe called chili Paneer. Paneer is an Indian cottage cheese that’s usually sold in blocks, just like tofu. They even have similar textures, but the tofu, of course, is far […]

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Butter Chicken | How to Make Butter Chicken

Butter chicken is a very famous Indian dish. Small pieces of chicken are marinated with some spices, ginger, garlic, and lime juice. They then get sautéed and cooked until tender in a creamy, mildly spiced tomato-based curry. Many People are confused with butter chicken and chicken tikka masala. The main difference between these two mouth-watering […]

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Palak Chicken|Green Chicken Recipe

Palak/spinach Chicken is a healthy Indian chicken curry dish, which is so flavourful and loaded with lots of spinach that make this dish healthy and tasty. The preparation of palak chicken curry is very simple and requires less time and very few ingredients. For making this dish, first, cook chicken with onion, ginger, garlic, and […]

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Paneer Tikka Masala | Paneer recipe

Paneer Tikka Masala is a popular Indian curry where paneer (cheese) get marinated in the yogurt and other spices and is cooked in a tomato based creamy curry. This dish goes very well with naan/rice/paratha. Paneer tikka masala is a vegetarian alternative to chicken tikka masala. If you are a chicken lover, just replace paneer […]